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Apsaras Or Leanan Sidhe Alternative, Defined

Within the first main zone of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, you’ll encounter your first sidequest with a branching end result. You’ll (almost certainly) first see Apsaras, surrounded by demons kneeling earlier than her. In accordance with her, she needs to guard these demons by forcing them to acknowledge their weaknesses and search safety from her circle of gods. In the meantime, Leanan Sidhe needs to complement the lives of weaker demons and assist them notice their desires, even when it winds up slicing their lives quick.

Each ask you to assassinate the opposite, since they view one another as harmful and disingenuous. However which do you have to select?

To ease your preliminary considerations, there’s no “proper” reply by way of who it’s best to aspect with. Nonetheless, it’s best to base your reasoning on two distinct components. The primary is your prize, as whichever demon you help will be a part of your occasion, even when your stage is beneath theirs. The second consideration, though not explicitly said by the sport, is the impact this choice can have in your alignment. Even with these standards in thoughts, neither choice you make right here can have irreversible implications for the remainder of the sport. If you’d like the simple reply for which aspect it’s best to take, simply comply with whoever you suppose is true.

For these of you who want an in depth breakdown of what this choice entails, we’ll clarify all the pieces it is advisable know beneath.

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How alignment works in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Two characters talk in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance.

Screenshot: ATLUS / Kotaku

Regardless that Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is a predominantly linear journey, it accommodates a (largely) hidden alignment mechanic. As per Shin Megami Tensei custom, a lot of your selections will push you in direction of the Legislation or Chaos alignment. In the event you’re conversant in Dungeons and Dragons’ grid-alignment system, you’ll have a common baseline of what these phrases imply on this universe. Nonetheless, for these new to Shin Megami Tensei, know that Legislation and Chaos don’t essentially imply “good” and “evil.”

In brief, Legislation in Shin Megami Tensei V is synonymous with the established order. In the event you make selections that uphold the hierarchy of the outdated god(s) ruling over humanity, go in opposition to the ideology of “survival of the fittest,” and worth peace over individuality, your alignment will veer in direction of Legislation.

In the meantime, the Chaos alignment predominantly focuses on freedom. This usually consists of rebelling in opposition to the powers that be, enriching your self when you’ll be able to, and looking for to revolutionize the world. This isn’t a whole description of every alignment, however these are the overarching beliefs.

That stated, the impression of alignment is pretty subdued in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. With out divulging into spoilers, this mechanic primarily exists to dictate which ending you ought to get within the Canon of Creation and which ending you will get within the Canon of Vengeance. However don’t fear, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance isn’t hiding a sturdy branching narrative a la Mass Impact or different video games with extra advanced different narrative outcomes.

So which alignments do Apsaras and Leanan Sidhe signify?

Siding with Apsaras will push your alignment in direction of Legislation, whereas selecting Leanan Sidhe is the Chaos-friendly choice. That stated, you could have ample time to tilt your alignment in direction of whichever aspect you need earlier than this mechanic even issues. You’ll discover quests that comply with this precise system as you progress, full with the reward of recruiting a free demon to your occasion.

In the event you’re enjoying the Canon of Vengeance, Yoko will even remark in your alternative. She’ll follow you no matter what alignment path you decide, however for those who really feel a kinship along with her, know that she usually prefers Chaos-aligned choices when given a alternative.

The player character talks with Apsaras, a demon.

Screenshot: ATLUS / Kotaku

Apsaras and Leanan Sidhe’s stats and skills

In the event you don’t care concerning the story implications of your choice, you’ll be able to base your choice on which demon you’d want in your occasion as an alternative. To be clear, you will get each Asparas and Leanan Sidhe as soon as your stage is excessive sufficient. Nonetheless, that is your likelihood to probably get one in all them early.

A screenshot of Apsaras' abilities shows her various stats and options.

Screenshot: ATLUS / Kotaku

Apsaras is primarily an ice magic consumer. She has entry to the single-target Bufu and the party-wide Mabufu, which is available in clutch for the early sport–fter all, AoE assaults stay pretty scarce till you attain roughly stage 20. Moreover, Apsaras learns Patra (which heals illnesses) and Tarunda (an assault debuff), which lets her play assist. That is particularly useful on the Canon of Vengeance path, because you’ll encounter an early-game boss whose signature assault is a party-wide attraction spell. Since Apsaras is totally resistant to Allure, she is uniquely certified to counter this mechanic.

Nonetheless, Apsaras is weak to fireplace. That makes her a legal responsibility within the sport’s first main boss encounter.

Leanan Sidhe's character screen shows her various stats, moves, and abilities.

Screenshot: ATLUS / Kotaku

In the meantime, Leanan Sidhe focuses on inflicting standing illnesses and therapeutic. Marin Karin inflicts the Allure standing ailment on one enemy, which has boosted odds of succeeding due to her Burden of Expertise passive capacity. She even regenerates MP when inflicting standing illnesses due to her Curse Siphon talent. Nonetheless, I’d argue the true star of Leanan Sidhe’s package is Media as party-wide therapeutic is invaluable in powerful battles, and up till this level, you’d solely have entry to Angel’s signature transfer Humble Blessing for workforce therapeutic.

Leanan Sidhe additionally learns Mudo and Mamudo, permitting her to focus on enemies weak to darkish magic along with her excessive magic stat. All informed, Leanan Sidhe is surprisingly versatile out of the field.

The player character talks to Leanan Sidhe, a demon.

Screenshot: ATLUS / Kotaku

Must you decide Apsaras or Leanan Sidhe?

If alignment isn’t a priority, I’d say your choice relies on your occasion make-up and your story path. In the event you’re enjoying the Canon of Vengeance, I’d suggest Apsaras. The mixture of Allure immunity and entry to Patra simply helps a lot in opposition to that one sure boss. Additionally, Apsaras’ resistances are a great early-game match on your protagonist’s affinities, so utilizing her early means you’ll get her Essence sooner.

That stated, for those who want party-wide therapeutic, Leanan Sidhe is a good decide. She offers stable injury and probably invaluable assist relying in your workforce composition.You may’t go improper with utilizing her. Standing illnesses are additionally extra useful than you’d suppose in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, so entry to attraction is not any small factor both.

Frankly, I wound up utilizing each Apsaras and Leanan Sidhe all through the early sport. They’re invaluable, convey useful instruments to your occasion, and are properly price the price of fusing them. So it doesn’t matter what you’ll decide, there’s no improper reply right here. You’ll be capable to get whichever demon you missed in just some ranges anyway.


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