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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Gets Surprise Update Nearly Two Decades After Release

Classic PC FPS Counter-Strike: Condition Zero gets a brand-new update for the first time in years, surprising fans of the franchise.

The classic PC FPS Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has been updated with a brand-new patch, nearly two decades after the game’s original release in 2004. While it may not be the highest rated Valve game on Steam, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero still has plenty to offer fans of the franchise.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is somewhat of an outlier in the series as a whole. While it is primarily known for being a multiplayer franchise, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero features an entire single-player campaign that keeps the series’ famous tactical gameplay intact. It seemed that Valve was done with updating the game, until this surprise update dropped out of nowhere.

Valve confirmed the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero update in a Steam post, and its arrival may come as a surprise for players. The last update for the game came in 2020, and prior to that it had mostly been one small patch per year. The most significant change here updates Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to support the engine changes made by the Half-Life 25th anniversary update, which has caused a few issues for titles that used the game as a base. The good news is that it seems Valve is aware of these problems, and taking the right steps to ensure they get fixed in a timely manner.

The Half-Life 25th anniversary update was a nice surprise for fans of the series, with restored content and new multiplayer features. However, there’s no doubt it has caused a few issues that Valve would rather have avoided. When Counter-Strike 1.6 was updated with the same fixes as Condition Zero, Valve accidentally leaked a prototype build of Left 4 Dead titled “Terror Strike.” Hopefully, Valve has managed to avoid similar issues with this update for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

At the moment, it seems like the Counter-Strike series is more popular than it has been for a long time. Towards the end of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, player counts for the game rose massively, with interest seemingly driven by a thriving eSports scene as well as frequent updates by Valve. It should then come as no surprise that Counter-Strike 2 debuted with impressive player numbers, and while the initial hype may have died down, Valve is continuing to work on and improve the game, with features such as community maps being added lately. Considering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remained relevant for over a decade, it’s exciting to imagine how long its sequel will remain a staple among FPS players.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Patch Notes

  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes have been updated to support the Half-Life 25th Anniversary engine updates, including all related fixes from Counter-Strike.
  • Fixed lighting rendering issues on some AMD GPUs.
  • Added “Use shaders” checkbox for the video options. Servers can over-ride this setting with sv_allow_shaders.
  • Miscellaneous Steam Networking fixes.
  • Miscellaneous UI layout fixes.
  • The Half-Life dedicated server application (app 90) which is used by Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has been updated with latest server code and updated windows and linux binaries. Updating is recommended.

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