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Destiny 2: What’s in the Starter Pack (& Is It Worth It?)

With the release of Season 23 of Destiny 2, there is a Starter Pack available for purchase but do the contents justify it costing $14.99?

Optional DLC bundles are far from uncommon in Destiny 2. Every Season there is usually an optional bundle that gives players enough Silver to purchase a Season along with a unique Emote, and this has been going on since Season of Arrivals in 2020. While this bundle makes a return for the final Season of Destiny 2 (before they are replaced by Episodes after The Final Shape), Bungie has added a brand-new optional purchase that seems to be intended for newer players.

This bundle is called the Starter Pack, and it costs $14.99. This optional purchase gives some cosmetics along with a few weapons and resources, but is it worth the cost or should players just skip it?

What’s in the Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack consists of the following:

  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • One Ascendant Shard
  • 50 Enhancement Cores
  • Five Enhancement Prisms
  • A Ship, Sparrow, and Ghost shell.
  • Three Exotic weapons: Traveler’s Chosen, Sleeper Simulant, and Ruinous Effigy

Once players have purchased the Starter Pack, it will be waiting for them at the Special Deliveries Terminal that is to the left of Master Rahool.

Is the Starter Pack Worth Getting?

At first, this may seem like a good deal for newer players, but it is important to take a look at what is actually being offered. While the Ship, Sparrow, and Ghost shell are nice, there is no shortage of any of those things in the game. New players get a Sparrow within the first hour or so of the game before they’ve even left the Cosmodrome, so there really is no benefit from getting a Sparrow earlier than that.

While new players could certainly benefit from having materials like Enhancement Cores, the price tag is a little too steep for materials that can be gotten just by playing the game. Glimmer drops have improved significantly over the past year, so being low on Glimmer is a short-term problem that doesn’t justify spending real money to fix.

Finally, the biggest issue in the Starter Pack is the three Exotic weapons that are offered. While Traveler’s Chosen has an interesting Exotic perk and can be useful in PvP, there are significantly better weapons that won’t take up an Exotic slot.

Ruinous Effigy is a unique Trace Rifle that was fun to use when it first was released but then got nerfed prior to the release of Beyond Light. While it can be useful in rare situations, Ruinous Effigy is good for low stake Gunsmith bounties that require Void weapons or Trace Rifle kills and not much else.

Sleeper Simulant would have been an incredible boon for new players back in 2018, but that is no longer the case. This infamous Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle may have once been the scourge of Gambit players in Season 4 of Destiny 2, but that was many years (and nerfs) ago. History of the gun aside, significantly better Linear Fusion Rifles have come out since then. Sleeper Simulant has occasionally become relevant when there were good Seasonal Artifact perks, but without that it struggles to compete with Legendary Fusion Rifles like Cataclysmic and Taipan.

So in short, the Starter Pack is not worth getting. The contents of the Starter Pack do not benefit new players enough for it to be a worthy purchase. Even for veteran players who might want the Starter Pack for the extra resources, the Starter Pack doesn’t offer enough to validate its price tag.


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