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Genshin Impact: Where To Find All 3 Spur Gear Locations (Undocumented Feature Hidden Achievement Guide)

Locate all 3 Spur Gears in this Hidden Puzzle and enjoy the fireworks to obtain luxurious rewards!

Known for its in-depth lore and scientific genius, the Fontaine Research Institute region in Genshin Impact comes with many hidden puzzles and rewards that players can claim. One of these puzzles revolves around the acquisition of three Spur Gears that will award them a Luxurious Chest and a Hidden Achievement.

To obtain the Spur Gears, players have to locate a few Hilichurl camps and wipe them out in the Fontaine Research Institute Region. All three of them can be found southeast of the region, near the edge of the map. After collecting them, players can attach the Spur Gears to a giant robot contraption to set off some fireworks.

Where To Find The Spur Gears

The Genshin Impact Spur Gears can be found in any order. This is especially convenient as all of them are located within a 100-meter radius. The Spur Gears are actually locked behind Exquisite Chests in each of the three camps, so players only need to clear the camps out to obtain all of them.

Location 1

For ease of access, the first Spur Gear is located at a camp near the Teleport Waypoint east of the Mary Ann Memorial Park. If Travelers head north up the road in front of them, the first camp can be spotted towards the right. There will be three Recon Log Meks trapped inside cages.

The enemies will come in two waves: first the Hilichurls, and then the Recon Log Meks, which will be automatically released from the cages after defeating the Hilichurls. The Exquisite Chest will then unlock, and players can retrieve Spur Gear C.

Location 2

Head northwest from the previous location and players will find the second Hilichurl camp towards the left trail on the main road. The Exquisite Chest will be inside the Hilichurl hut. After defeating all the enemies in the camp, players can head towards it. At this point, players will notice that the Exquisite Chest has not unlocked yet.

Travelers will have to break all the pots and miscellaneous objects to unlock the chest. They can do this one at a time, or by using a character with wide AoE DMG. The chest will unlock and award players with another Spur Gear C.

Coincidentally, there will also be a challenge and a Hydroculus in the area that players can claim for additional rewards.

Location 3

The last Hilichurl camp is right below the second one. Players can drop down the cliff and head towards the enemies loitering around. Since there is a main camp and a mini camp north of the main camp, Travelers need to remember to kill the enemies in the mini camp as well.

After defeating the Pyro Abyss Mage, there will be an Energy Transfer Device behind it. Pick this up and take to the Stabilizer near the Exquisite Chest. Once the Stabilizer is activated, hit it as soon as the ring touches one of the blue parts on the machine. After hitting the Stabilizer three times, the Exquisite Chest will unlock and players will obtain Spur Gear T.

How To Obtain The Luxurious Chest

There will be a giant robot in the middle of the camp. Once players climb it, they will notice an arrow with an Assemble option. Clicking on it will allow them to attach the Spur Gears to each relevant pipe. To launch the fireworks, players will have to use a Pyro attack on it. It would make more sense for players to head to a nearby location to view the fireworks, and use a Pyro bow user to light them up.

There is a countdown of 5 seconds before the show starts. Once it finishes, players will be rewarded with a Luxurious Chest and a Hidden Achievement: Undocumented Feature.

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