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Niantic Announces First Location for Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh

Niantic officially reveals the first location for its in-person Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh event, currently scheduled to run early next year.

Niantic has confirmed the first location for Pokemon GO‘s upcoming “Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh,” setting the first official site for the event in Los Angeles. Throughout the life of the massively popular monster-catching mobile game, Niantic has tried out a variety of different events giving players access to exclusive Pokemon. The developer regularly hosts monthly Community Day events offering boosted rates for featured Pokemon and typically holds its annual in-person “GO Fest” events to massive turnouts. Now, a popular new addition to the event schedule is being teased.

Pokemon GO‘s “GO Tour” events have so far each focused on a different region from the franchise, highlighting a variety of different creatures. This year’s GO Tour: Hoenn saw players able to pick up the primal forms of Hoenn legendaries Groudon and Kyogre for the first time, first featured in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Many fans have waited anxiously for news about next year’s event, expected to focus around Diamond and Pearl‘s Sinnoh region. Now, Niantic is sharing some of the first details about the upcoming event.

Niantic officially revealed the first location for “Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh” on Wednesday, confirming the event for the US West Coast. The post confirmed that the Los Angeles event for Pokemon GO will be held on the weekend of February 17 and 18 at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Niantic has also previously shared some details about the event, revealing that users buying tickets to the Los Angeles event will receive a Masterwork Research with a Shiny Shaymin as the reward. Early bird tickets to the event are available now through December 31 for $25 USD through Niantic’s official website.

Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh 2024 Location, Date, and Time

  • February 17-18: Rose Bowl Stadium, Los Angeles, California

The newest Pokemon GO live event comes after a year filled with big updates for the beloved mobile game. Pokemon GO has officially rolled out several major new features throughout 2023, including the rumored Routes feature and the long-requested “Party Play” mode allowing players to team up with one another. Niantic also added the first Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Pokemon GO earlier this year, introducing the Paldean starters with more coming later.

The newest edition of Pokemon GO Tour will look to give players a chance to add plenty of Sinnoh Pokemon to their party while the game’s next season will focus on Sinnoh’s past. Niantic has confirmed Pokemon GO‘s next season, “Timeless Travels,” will focus on the Hisui region, bringing both regional variants and new Hisui-exclusive evolutions like Wyrdeer. The season will also include special region-exclusive spawns with the Winter and Summer variants of Deerling appearing in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, respectively. Pokemon GO fans have plenty to look forward to with the start of 2024 between GO Tour and the new season.

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