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Tom Cruise’s Dissatisfying Performance As The Illuminati In Doctor Strange 2?



To say that the recent Dark Universe movie was a hit or miss experience for audiences would be an understatement. The first one was good, but the second one felt like a step back. When looking at it from a fan’s perspective, though, is it just as bad? Well, after all, the fans are always right. The more you think about Doctor Strange’s second installment and its potential downsides, the less you’ll find to be disappointed in this latest entry in the MCU.

So if you’re ready to see if his performance in this chapter can be salvaged, keep reading! In Doctor Strange: The Rings Of Time – Part 2, we learn that while Stephen Strange has been plagued by strange things happening around him his entire life (and we do mean ALLEGEDLY), there’s something much graver at play here. Dr. Stephen Strange is actually an Illuminati programmer and spy who is essentially forcing his hands into working for them. It doesn’t bode well for our hero that he meets with Mordo again soon… So what did Doctor Strange 2 get right? Let’s take a look… Doctor Strange 2 Bitingly Realist Review – Is It Worth Your Time? Okay so when I first saw the trailer for Doctor Strange 2: “The Rings of Time,” I was pretty nervous. This sequel is supposed to be a big letdown yet again? Or am I

Doctor Strange 2: “The Rings of Time” – Is Doctor Strange A Good fit For The MCU?

Ever since the first film, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCCU) has featured a diverse range of heroes. From Hiro and Brock Samson to Luke Cage and Iron Man, the lineup has had characters of every race, ethnicity, and gender. With the exception of the Hulk, who is Japanese, the MCU has been a home for heroes of all kinds. That is, up until now. Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to see a hero from Central America in the MCU, and we got our wish in the form of Dr. Strange. But is he the right hero for the job? While the film is definitely a departure from the source material, can they still capture the spirit of the books? And what of the jarring transitions from reality to magical realism? We’ll get to all that in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at what Doctor Strange 2 has going for it, shall we?

Doctor Strange 2: How to Watch

As with most MCU films, Doctor Strange 2 is available on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Those looking to view the movie on a computer, mobile device, or even a TV can do so via Digital HD. Those with a smart TV can access the film via the various online players that come with the TV. On consumer smart TVs, you can also visit the “My Filmmaker” section of the web browser to create an account and access numerous online tools with content including shows and movies. If you’d like to access the movie via your computer, you can do so via any web browser. In order to properly enjoy this movie, it’s important to note that it’s not one of those “Netflix and chill” type of experiences. These types of movies are meant to be experienced fully and are best viewed when you have the time to decompress from the day.

Doctor Strange 2: Should You See it?

Despite what you might’ve heard, Doctor Strange 2 is not a bad movie. It’s actually a pretty good one, but there are a few things about it that could have been done better. First and foremost, the movie could have been a lot more Ernesto Capetillo. Yes, he’s a brilliant doctor and scientist, but as the movie proves, he doesn’t have the personality for the part. Instead, the movie would’ve been much more successful if the producers had cast an English speaking Capetillo. The lack of a proper second act to this movie was a bit of a letdown, but it shouldn’t keep you from seeing it. After all, it’s still got a long way to go.


Illuminati Form Doctor Strange 2

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