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World of Warcraft Reveals Festive Rewards for December Trading Post

For its final Trading Post update of 2023, World of Warcraft gets into the holiday spirit with some of the cosmetic rewards players can earn soon.

The final World of Warcraft Trading Post update of the year will offer some festive, seasonal items for players to collect in December. World of Warcraft players who earn enough travel points can claim a new pet to take along on their travels, as well as some Trader’s Tenders to spend on seasonal weapon appearances.

With a rotation of rewards and objectives to complete each month, the Trading Post remains one of the most popular and contentious features that arrived in World of Warcraft in early 2023. While some rewards have returned months later, many have yet to make a repeat run at the time of writing. In addition to rare rewards, the Trading Post has also utilized the game’s holidays and festivals as ways to gain points in the Traveler’s Log. In October 2023, the Trading Post featured spooky items and tasks that were themed around a Halloween-inspired event called Hallows’ End. As the winter holidays are right around the corner, Blizzard continued that trend with the December Trading Post offers.

Starting on December 1, and ending on December 31, World of Warcraft players who earn 1,000 Travel Points can lay claim to Buttercup, the violet-hued baby moose pet, for free. As has been the case with previous Trading Post offers, such as the November Trading Post, World of Warcraft subscribers can claim 500 Trader’s Tenders once the stock is refreshed at the beginning of the month. For players who have hoarded enough Trader’s Tenders, the Trading Post will offer a fox mount called the Crimson Glimmerfur and a small reindeer pet named Mitzy for 600 Tenders each. The most expensive item in the December Trading Post catalog is Garrlok, the pet ogre for 750 Trader’s Tenders. Some of the Travel Log entries for December are themed around the Feast of Winter Veil, which starts on December 16.

World of Warcraft Trading Post Rewards (December 2023)

  • Buttercup
  • Crimson Glimmerfur
  • Mitzy
  • Garrlok
  • Class Armor and Weapon Sets for Mage, Hunter, Shaman, and Evoker
  • Ensemble: Scarlet Zealot’s Trappings
  • Ensemble: Vagabond’s Snowy Threads
  • Ensemble: Wanderer’s Snowy Trappings
  • Ensemble: Vagabond’s Crimson Threads
  • Ensemble: Wanderer’s Crimson Trappings
  • Classic Snowy Tabard
  • Trader’s Crimson Sarong
  • Trader’s Lively Sarong
  • Fine Wine Evening Gloves
  • Ember Court Soiree Gloves
  • Crimson Treads of the Kalu’ak
  • Candied Blade

One of the major seasonal items at the December Trading Post is the Candied Blade. It is a one-handed sword for players that will cost 600 Trader’s Tenders. The Hunter, Shaman, Evoker, and Mage classes also have some class-specific armor ensembles and weapons available at 450 to 500 Tenders apiece, and some crimson-colored gloves and cloaks are among the cheaper offerings World of Warcraft players can get for 100 Trader’s Tender each. While additional Trader’s Tenders can be obtained by pre-purchasing The War Within expansion, the interaction between the Trading Post and the in-game Cash Shop remains a sticking point of contention with players.

Between the Trading Post restock and the ongoing Prime Gaming campaign, the end of 2023 looks to be a fun time for World of Warcraft‘s cosmetic collectors. With 2024 on the horizon, only time will tell what Blizzard has in store in the year to come.


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